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    Bottle Trees NZ specialises in the propagation, transplanting, marketing and distribution of Bottle Trees throughout New Zealand.

    We supply direct to the public and trade members Call Brian today on 07 866-3773 or 021 866-377 or  email  

    The Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris) is native of Queensland, Australia and its swollen trunk give it a remarkable appearance, giving rise to the name.

    Brian Keucke has been growing the Queensland Bottle Tree for the past 20 years. With more than 1500 trees on site, Brian has a tree suitable for all locations, commercial and residential.

    Also stockists of a range of Ponytail Palms (Nolina Recurvata) that are 20  years old.

    A supreme feature tree

    Bottle Trees will fit into virtually any landscape design and will make an impressive presence.

    Succulent, drought resistant and semi-deciduous, the Bottle Tree is tolerant of a range of various soils and temperatures.

    Bottle Trees demonstrate a high degree of individuality, each tree being different in shape and character to the next.

    From the remarkable striking, bottle shape the trunks taper upwards to a narrow neck from which the branch network grows upwards and outwards.

    Bottle Trees mostly grow as a single stem though some divide into two or three close to the ground and later may meld into one making an impressive trunk.

    We would like to thank Mr Doug Sowerbutts of Bottletree Plantations Helidon Australia for allowing us to use many of the images and information from his website. Doug is considered to be one of Australia's prominent Bottletree experts.


    07 866-3773 or 021 866-377 or by email