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    Ecologically sound permeable paving

    Permeable Solutionz is an innovative permeable paving product designed to infiltrate stormwater through the surface to the soil below.

    Increasingly polluted water supplies adversely affect urban dwellers world-wide. Reducing stormwater outflow and properly managing pollutants will ensure a sustainable, high quality of life.

    We provide a unique range of permeable paving products for use in both residential and commercial applications. Our New Zealand made natural stone paving products allow rainwater to flow through the body of the paver, returning water to the earth, retaining moisture in your soil.


      • Presents a practical solution for achieving a strong and durable surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic
      • Meets local authority requirements as permeable coverage
      • Run-off issues are effectively solved by slowing down and controlling stormwater flow peaks with greater efficiency than other pervious materials
      • An extremely high permeability rate (no less than 30 litres/m² per second) and sufficient strength for low traffic / low speed areas
      • Attractive landscape feature
      • Prevention of gross pollutants entering the stormwater system
      • Pre-cast modules easily transported to difficult sites / situations
    • Ideal for laying up to thresholds


      • Can be economically installed in any area in place of, or in conjunction with traditional paving materials and may still meet council permeable requirements.
      • 100% New Zealand made from riverstone pebble or chip
      • Independently Q-Lab tested (refer to our website
      • Available sizes: 400x400x50mm, 300x300x50mm, 230x115x50mm (trafficable in Ashhurst, Winton Gold and Egmont Sand in this size only)
    • Simple installation

    Ideal applications:

      • Driveways
      • Carpark areas
      • Patios
      • Paths
      • Rooftops
      • Pool surrounds
      • Tree surrounds
    • Drinking fountain bases

    The ultra-porous paving solution

    Permeable Solutionz pavers provide a practical and economical solution to controlling stormwater pollution, outflow, and soil rehydration. They filter 100% of gross pollutants from stormwater run off, reducing the burden on current storm water infrastructure, whilst providing the durable surface required by our urban

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