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    Robin Shafer has a particular interest in architectural design, incorporating clean lines and structure in her gardens. She likes to incorporate a readable ‘backbone' or framework in the design, aiming for strength and simplicity. Even so, she doesn't like to be pigeonholed and finds designing with naturalism and asymmetric formality in mind, an interesting exercise. Providing effective solutions to design problems is an exciting challenge which demonstrates her extensive experience. Swimming pools can prove difficult to incorporate into some garden designs, but pools and pool-side gardens are a speciality of Shafer Design.

    Robin involves clients in the design process from the very beginning, being sensitive to their needs and the characteristics of the existing landscape and architecture. Rather than impose her own style on a client's garden, she prefers to act as a tool, using her considerable talent and experience to bring their own ideas to life. “People who belong to their gardens, and feel as if the gardens belong to them, tend to love them better.”

    Past clients have appreciated her open communication and willingness to create a design which is unique to their tastes and lifestyles. Robin prefers to keep away from fads and flashy designs which can quickly date – instead of working towards simple, timeless gardens which will maintain their integrity for years to come.

    Simplicity, clarity and structure: working with you, your architecture, and your landscape.


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