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    Standard Life is a specialist topiary nursery, and Andrew and Kim take pride in each topiary plant grown there. They hand-cut the shape, tend the plant, and trim it regularly to achieve a quality topiary product.

      • Under the watchful eye of this experienced couple, plants receive a great start in the excellent growing conditions of the region. All plants are developed outside, and are therefore hardy and able to cope with the changing climate.
      • The nursery currently produces 20 different plant varieties which are shaped into over 50 different topiary products. The most popular topiary varieties are the Buxus sempervirens, Lonicera nitida, Prunus lusitanica, Myrtus ugni, Laurus nobilis, Teucrium fruiticans and Michelia, Viburnum, and Camellia.
      • Over the years, Andrew and Kim have changed the range of plants they grow to keep up with trends, and sell only those varieties that are hardy and require minimal maintainence to ensure they look good both in the garden centre and in the garden.
      • A range of table top topiary that make great gifts are also grown, which include Lonicera bowls and cones and Ivy cones, rings and hearts.
      • There is a focus on growing a range of large grade topiary to meet the needs of landscapers. These larger grade plants can help to provide landscapers with an "instant garden" for their clients.
      • They also have available a number of topiary suitable for the kitchen garden. These include: Myrtus ugni (cranberry), Laurus nobilis (Bay), Olea europaea (Olive) and Rosmarinus, which are all in constant demand.

    Standard Life's topiary are supplied to garden centres, landscapers and garden gift shops throughout New Zealand.

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