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Invisible pool-safety solutions by Swish promise better surroundings than alternatives

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    Swish - unique door automation solutions

    Some pool safety compliance solutions are easier on the eye than others...

    Swish Automation is an innovative NZ company with a totally new take on the way we protect our children from unsupervised access into the home swimming pool. Instead of the usual fences or balustrading required for safety compliance, it is now also possible to have a completely unimpeded view of the pool from within your home by utilizing a Swish Pool Access Safety System!

    Swish company philosophy is to bring automation into residential property and to “change the way you see the world at the touch of a button.” There is a Swish system to fit all situations and Swish can provide a customised working solution to meet each client requirement and budget.

    Find council approved self-latching and closing systems for all pool-access doors and optomise fencing requirements, and

    Enjoy the architectural freedom of AutoStac Sliders, to move doors, walls or panels at the touch of a button!

    Open your planning options to a superior automatic door operator system (that fits inside standard 100mm aluminium joinery or drywall cavity) that is an ideal option for all "Entranceway Automation" now expected in the prestigous home.

    Check out all our "easy on the eye" automation and pool access safety systems by also visiting our website at www.Swishautomation.com

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